5/26/2013 First Hour

Lillie Leonardi with Carole Marks

She worked in law enforcement for more than two decades and joined the FBI as Community Affairs Coordinator, where she served until 2010. She will talk about her new book, In the Shadow of a Badge: A Memoir about Flight 93, a Field of Angels, and My Spiritual Homecoming. (Word Association Publishers) For more information, visit www.LillieLeonardi.com.

Ms. Sam Dawson with Carole Marks

She is a philanthropist, activist, actor and retired publicist and the author of Broad Appeal: Wit and Wisdom From Women Ages Sixty To Ninety. (Abbott Press) For more information, visit www.ImpactGivingNow.org.

Martha Wash

She is an American R&B, pop, soul, house singer/songwriter known for her distinctive and powerful soprano voice. She is probably most known as half of the Weather Girls and for her #1 hit “It’s Raining Men.” She has put out her first collection of all new material in almost twenty years called “Something Good.” (Purple Rose Records) For more information, visit www.MarthaWash.com.

Steve Weisman

Steve will talk about Medicare fraud.

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