3/17/2013 Second Hour

John Englander with Carole Marks

He is an ocean expert and was the CEO of the Cousteau Society and the author of High Tide on Main Street: Rising Sea Level and the Coming Coastal Crisis.(The Science Bookshelf)For more information, visit www.HighTideOnMainStreet.com.

Ms. Sam Dawson with Carole Marks

She is a philanthropist, activist, actor and retired publicist and the author of Broad Appeal: Wit and Wisdom From Women Ages Sixty To Ninety.  (Abbott Press) For more information, visit www.ImpactGivingNow.org.

Allison Paquin Pharm D

She is a clinical pharmacist at VA Boston Healthcare System and will talk about ways seniors with cognitive disabilities can avoid medication errors. For more information, visit www.SafeMedication.comShe and a multidisciplinary team at VA Boston Healthcare System were responsible for an initiative that helped seniors with cognitive disabilities manage their medications, greatly reducing the rate of hospital readmissions and emergency department visits.

Richard Neer

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