Documentary filmmakers Joan Kramer and David Heeley, creators of a series of outstanding documentaries revolving around major film celebrities, have written a book, In the Company of Legends, which will be published this month by Beaufort Books.

Joan Kramer on ‘In the Company of Legends’

In the Company of Legends. (Beaufort Books) She is one half of the Emmy-Award winning team of Kramer & Heeley who have documented the lives and careers of Hollywood legends including Humphrey Bogart, Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn. TCM will be screening five of their documentaries on April 7th.

Joan Kramer with Carole Marks Part 2

In this part of the interview, she discusses surprising facts about Elizabeth Taylor and how she lived and the relationship between Jane Fonda and Henry Fonda.

Nelson Dellis

He is a three-time USA Memory Champion and will talk about the Extreme Memory Challenge and how you can log on, take the challenge and see how you rate against the best. He will also share how you can help fight off the effects of Alzheimer’s. For more information, visit

Steve Weisman

Steve will talk about car fraud, the buying and leasing of cars.

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