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Carole Marks with Bonnie Moore founder of Golden Girls Network

Bonnie Moore  is the founder of Golden Girls Network, a website dedicated to helping mature adults find roommates and ease their way into shared living. Go to www.GoldenGirlsNetwork.com or call 301-383-1482 for more information.

Dr. Steve Lamm with Carole Marks

Dr. Lamm  is a practicing internist and faculty member at New York University School of Medicine and director of men’s health for NYU Medical Center and one of the most-renowned internal medicine and preventive medicine experts in the world. He will talk about Deep Vein Thrombosis, commonly known as Blood Clots, and will discuss risk factors, prevention and treatment.

Jim LaValle   is a clinical pharmacist, board-certified clinical nutritionist and author of Your Blood Never Lies: How To Read a Blood Test for a Longer, Healthier Life. (Square One) He will talk about Type II Diabetes and prevention using medications, supplements and lifestyle changes. For more information, visit www.JimLavalle.com.

Richard Neer with Michael Harrison

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