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Michael Harrison has served as the editor and publisher of TALKERS, the leading trade publication in the American talk media industry for the past 30 years.
Super Ager

Carole Marks with Elise Marie Collins (Super Ager)

Younger aging: Filled with science, suggestions for gentle daily movement, natural remedies and modern wisdom, Super Ager is a practical and concise guide to optimal aging. Carole Marks with Ann Druyan (Cosmos: Possible Worlds This sequel to Carl...

David M. Rubenstein (The American Story)

Carole Marks with David M. Rubenstein (The American Story)

Segment 1: Carole Marks with David M. Rubenstein (The American Story) “With his legendary passion for American history, David Rubenstein’s conversations with scholars and authors bring our country’s story to life in a new way. The American Story...

midlife maze

Carole Marks with Janice Clark Johnston (Midlife Maze)

When you find yourself lost in the midlife maze after a significant loss in your life, you realize that certain plans may not work out for you. You still can choose hope. You can turn yourself to move forward in a positive direction.   Carole Marks...

Dr. Munoz Rivas works in Houston, TX and specializes in Infectious Disease.

Dr. Flor De Maria Munoz and Tash Haynes

    Carole Marks talks to Dr. Flor Munoz, Infectious Disease Specialist with Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and Medical Advisor for Families Fighting Flu, along with Tash Haynes, a 37-year-old who was hospitalized for 16 days in January 2017...

The Center for Medicare Advocacy’s mission is to advance access to comprehensive Medicare coverage and quality health care for older people and people with disabilities by providing exceptional legal analysis, education, and advocacy.

Toby S. Edelman, Ed. M., JD – Senior Policy Attorney

Toby S. Edelman has been representing older people in long-term care facilities since 1977. As a Senior Policy Attorney with the Center for Medicare Advocacy since January 2000, Ms. Edelman provides training, research, policy analysis, consultation...

Capitol Steps

Elaina Newport

Elaina Newport is a founding writer, member and performer of the political-satire comedy group Capitol Steps. Since 1981, the show has used political events and scandals as material for its parody songs and skits, traveling around the country and...

The year that Changed America

1919 The Year That Changed America

Martin W. Sandler  –  WINNER OF THE 2019 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD1919 was a world-shaking year. America was recovering from World War I and black soldiers returned to racism so violent that that summer would become known as the Red Summer. The...

John Parisella

Carole talks with John Parisella – an American horse trainer born in Brooklyn who became a horse trainer for stars.
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Ira M. Resnick

Carole talks with Ira M. Resnick about his book The Seventies: A Photograpghic Journey.
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Finishing Our Story: Preparing for the End of Life

Carole talks with Gregory Eastwood MD – author of Finishing Our Story: Preparing for the End of Life.
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Estrogen replacement What are we to believe?

Estrogen Matters

Estrogen replacement stops hot flashes cold and is a veritable Fountain of Youth. Estrogen replacement is dangerous: it kills women. It prevents heart disease. It causes heart disease. The message keeps changing. What are we to believe? Podcast:...

Navigating Your Later Years For Dummies

Navigating Your Later Years For Dummies

We’re living exciting bonus years—decades that our parents and grandparents didn’t have. But how to navigate this complex terrain?  Author Carol Levine directs the Families and Health Care Project at the United Hospital Fund in New York. She is...

before you buy another skin care product. Find out if the ingredients in a product are “worth it” according to the best science available.

Dupes, And Deals: 2019 Guide: What To Buy And Why

by Carolyn Greenwald – Starting a skin care routine isn’t as easy as it sounds. Cosmetic products are filled with scientific sounding ingredients that all promise variations on a theme: younger, healthy looking skin. But who has good advice...

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