9/1/2013 First Hour

Dr. Michael Finkelstein with Carole Marks

Dr. Andrew Weill calls him “a visionary practitioner” He is an integrative medicine pioneer and will talk about his new book, 77 Questions For Skillful Living: A New Path to Extraordinary Health. (William Morrow)

Paul Lipton with Carole Marks

He is a former litigator and author of the new book, Hour of the Wolf: An Experiment in Ageless Living. (Mulberry Harbor Press) For more information, visit www.TheAgelessExperiment.com.

Gordy Gronkowski

He is the father of NFL New England Patriots’ TE Rob Gronkowski and will talk about his new book, Growing Up Gronk: A Family’s Story of Raising Champions. (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

Steve Weisman

Steve will discuss wildfire and flood scams.

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