A Touch of Grey


A fresh look at the life and times of Victoria Woodhull and Tennie Claflin, two sisters whose radical views on sex, love, politics, and business threatened the white male power structure of the nineteenth century and shocked the world.

DId you know that in May of 1872, Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to announce her candidacy for the President of the United States? Or that she picked Fredrick Douglas as her running mate? I’m going to take a chance and say that more than likely you did not. The Scarlet Sisters: Sex, Suffrage, and Scandal in the Gilded Age contains a lot of dates and information but I didn’t find it to be overly dry or boring.  Myra MacPherson   is the award-winning and bestselling author of four previous books, and will talk about her latest, The Scarlet Sisters: Sex, Suffrage, and Scandal in the Gilded Age. (Twelve Books)   Employment discrimination against women affected Myra MacPherson (born circa 1935)  early career. Restauranteur Toots Shor once told her, “We’re not interested in what you think, you’re only here because of Morris”. And he said as far as I’m concerned – and [MacPherson has] never forgotten the phrase – “All broads are a piece of raisin cake”.[4] She reports that when she covered the Indy 500 in 1960, she was allowed in neither the press box nor gasoline alley.

Beth Howard  is the author of a new book, Ms. American Pie: Buttery Good Pie Recipes and Bold Tales from the American Gothic House. (Race Point Publishing) It is part cookbook and part travelogue and memoir. Beth has made pies at California’s Malibu Kitchen for celebrities including Barbra Streisand (Lemon Meringue), Dick Van Dyke (Strawberry Rhubarb), and Steven Spielberg (Coconut Cream).

Teresa Bruce She will talk about her new book, The Other Mother: A Rememoir. Joggling Board Press) This May marks the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day in America.

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